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Azucca’s software services can help you develop leading edge software Applications that suit your organisations specific requirements. Whether you require software development for a standalone solution for a small office, or a solution to suit a large multi-user organisation; we have the expertise.

Azucca use ‘Agile’ Software Development methodology in conjunction with state of the art development technology to ensure that we provide our customers with top class solutions.

All software is fully tested and supported throughout the development and implementation process.

Azucca's Case Studies

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The Benefits

The main benefits from utilising Azucca Software Services include:

Access to Expertise:

Azucca Limited have accumulated considerable expertise in different technologies and business areas such as web application programming to development and integration of complex web-based or stand-alone enterprise systems.

Seamless Communication:

Azucca ensure that the lines of communication are seamless and are open at all times to discuss the project at hand. For all projects clients are allocated a dedicated local project manager and all of our projects are under high level CTO supervision.

High-Skilled Team:

The Azucca team of 30+ IT specialists have a wide range of knowledge and extensive experience.

Cost Visibility:

Azucca’s fixed price engagement model avoids expensive overruns if you hire a team directly.

Flexibility and Scalability:

Azucca are a one-stop provider offering full-cycle software services that are compatible with a client’s business model and software development needs. Azucca offer flexible engagement models that are relevant and compatible to all their clients requirements.

Section Overview:

"We make it our business to understand exactly what you want" We provide solutions ranging from once-off bespoke applications, to highly scalable systems for the enterprise customer. We are experts on the Windows platform with extensive knowledge and exerience in the followipzng areas:

Programming Languages/Technologies: Microsoft .NET (ASP.NET, C#, VB .NET), J2EE ((JSP, Java Servlets, EJB, RMI, JavaMail, JMS, Swing), J2EE -J2ME, PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, VBScript, Ruby on Rails, C/C++, ColdFusion/Perl, Flash (Actionscript), COM/DCOM, CSS, SOAP, SSL, MAPI,TAPI,SAPI, HTML/DHTML,XHTML, XML/XSLT, VML, OLE,ActiveX, TCP/IP,HTTP/FTP,SMTP, POP3, IMAP.

Web & Application Servers: BEA Web Logic, IBM Web Sphere, JRUN, JBOSS, Tomcat, Microsoft IIS, Apache, MS Exchange Server, MS SharePoint Server.

Databases: MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Postgre SQL, MS Access, IBM DB2.

Operating Systems: MSSQL, Windows 9x/2000/CE/ME/NT/XP, Linux, FreeBSD, Symbian OS, Palm OS, Pocket PC.


"I know the solution for this problem but I’m not sure now it can be done!" If you've identified an aspect of your organisation that could be improved with a software solution but aren't sure what is needed or how to proceed, then you should contact us. A lot can be gained from a well implemented software solution.

A website can be as simple or as complicated as required. It can be used as a simple online brochure, or can be used as a complete business application and engagement tool. Whatever the end goal, there are three main considerations when it comes to developing a website.

Graphical requirements: The look and feel of the website, how it’s navigated and where the information is presented.

Functional requirements: Is it a static site, where the content rarely changes or is it a data driven site, where the content requires a backend database to deliver various reports and data which is constantly changing.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): This refers to ongoing tweaking of the websites content and continuous marketing of the site with the goal of improving the ranking of the site among search engines.

Azucca has in house local Graphics Designers to ensure any websites that are developed reflect and enhance your corporate identity.  If you are thinking of updating or launching a new website, we can help.

By taking the time to perform regular code reviews, your company will be able to better meet development targets and produce software of a higher quality. Developing good code that is extensible, maintainable and reliable requires ongoing monitoring of the code as it is developed to correct any potential quality issues before they arise. Inattention to quality issues can easily undermine a software architects best efforts. By taking the time to perform regular code reviews, your company will be able to better meet development targets and produce software of a higher quality.

Azucca Software Solutions’s experienced senior developers can help your software team to develop better code by performing unbiased reviews of your code as it develops. We can work with the developers in house or onsite to ensure that your project is a success.

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